SerenityHealth - Delivery feel and broke

Las Vegas, Nevada 1 comment
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Serenity Health .com is Horrible, I spent $3000.00 and the shipment was either packed wrong, or the item shifted during Shiping. Either way Literly 5 min. after it was dropped off outside it feel over and broke.

I never even got it out of the package or in my home.

No one will assit me in getting a resonable solution. I was told this never happened before so it must be my fault.

I still have the email where I was told to pay $1200more and they would ship me out the replacement parts and since they sold so many and this has nevr happened I must have done something wrong.

Beware of this company,

Review about: Water Feature.



As you can see, the customer was obviously in the midst of unpacking the fountain and probably didn't have enough help and dropped the very heavy piece of marble.We recommend at least 2-3 people to unpack and install this water feature.

You can see that some of the boards were already removed, proving that it was in fact the customer who was at fault.

We feel terrible when things like this happen but we can't possibly reimburse every customer who has an accident.

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